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New versions of Corpus TLIO, Corpus TLIO Aggiuntivo and Corpus OVI dell'Italiano Antico have been released and updated by July 14th 2016.

In the new Corpus TLIO the texts and lemmatization have been revisited and improved, and three new texts have entered the Corpus TLIO aggiuntivo, lemmatied by Diego Dotto; these are: Pär Larson, Bologna 1296-97: una denuncia di estimo in volgare fiorentino, «Bollettino dell’Opera del vocabolario italiano», XIII, 2008, pp. 375-79 (PGE) and two compositions published in Armando Antonelli, Poesie italiane inedite di argomento religioso del Due e Trecento, «Bollettino dell’Opera del Vocabolario Italiano», XI, 2006, pp. 249-58 (texts at pp. 251-52 [DT1] e 254 [DT2]). The new corpus TLIO release has 2117 texts, for a total 21.920.635 records, 445.750 distinct forms, 117.349 words and 3.674.650 lemmatized occurrencies.

The "emptying" phase of the Corpus TLIO aggiuntivo is actually a work in progress; the new release has 218 total texts with 1.255.523 occurrencies and 72.835 distinct forms.

The new Corpus OVI dell’Italiano antico, which is the sum of corpus TLIO and corpus TLIO aggiuntivo, has a total amount of 2.335 texts, 23.176.158 occurrencies and 467.374 distinct forms. An integrated consultation is now in progress with the other parallel corpora made available by the scholars on the OVI website.