The OVI database of early Italian is open access and free of charge since 1998 in the ItalNet version, and, since 2005, in the lemmatizzated GattoWeb version as well. The first twenty-two TLIO entries were published online on October 15, 1997, and since then the online TLIO gradually has expanded to include 36.000 entriesĀ in 2018. In recent years, the OVI database and TLIO have become valuable and powerful tools for scholars in different fields, especially for those who study philology and the history of the Italian language. The list of citations that is made available here in pdf format is proof to that. A systematic search of citations of the OVI resources would be too time-consuming for a small working group like ours; we prefer instead to focus on producing the TLIO entries. Therefore, the list is certainly incomplete as many citations may have escaped our attention. Therefore, we are grateful to all scholars who cite the OVI resources in their publications.

List of citations

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