International Ph.D.

In 2016, the OVI was invited to participate institutionally in a Ph.D. program, the International Ph.D. in Philology and Criticism of the University of Siena, whose past coordinator was the current OVI Director, and which has a curriculum dedicated to Romance Philology.
On the basis of the agreement already in place between the University of Siena and the OVI for internship activities related to the Ph.D. in Philology and Criticism, the OVI became part of the network of Tuscan institutions that presented this new Ph.D. as part of the Pegasus Project of the Tuscany Region (University of Siena - administrative headquarters, University of Pisa, University for Foreigners of Siena, CNR Institute Opera del Vocabolario Italiano, and with the support of the Fondazione Ezio Franceschini ONLUS). The project has been approved, and for the XXXII cycle (2016-2019) the call for applications for the Romance Philology curriculum has awarded five spots with a three-year scholarship plus one without scholarship.
Since 2017, the OVI has participated in the program with the research project "Web-based lexicography of early Italian", which provides for the establishment of some devoted scholarships, one financed by the Tuscany Region through the Pegaso Project, the other directly through the OVI Institute. This project has been approved.
- For the XXXIII cycle (2017-2020), the call was launched to fill two places with a three-year scholarship for the OVI project, won by graduate students Ester Borsato and Sara Maria Fantini. Final results and placements are available here.
- For the XXXIV cycle (2018-2021), the call 3 places with a three-year scholarship for the OVI project. The call for application is available here.