On 20-22 April, a delegation of the OVI will be at the LEI Insitute in Saarbrücken, for the conference organized to celebrate the 85th birthday of Prof. Max Pfister. After the signing of an agreement between the OVI and the Mainz Academy in 2015 for a collaboration between TLIO and the LEI, in the spring of 2016 a delegation of the LEI, led by Max Pfister and Wolfgang Schweickard, was hosted in Florence at the OVI Institute for an intense exchange of prospects and common work. In addition to celebrating one of the champions of Italian lexicography, this year’s invitation of an OVI delegation to visit the LEI will be the occasion to focus on collaboration, which in the meantime has deepened and become more well-defined, in view of an ever greater partnership between the two major institutes dedicated to Italian historical lexicography.