The results of the Research Quality Assessment (VQR 2011-2014) were published on February 21, 2017. In the ranking of the CNR Institutes for the disciplinary area no. 10 (Sciences of Antiquity, Philology, Literature, and Art History), the OVI ranked first.

By expanding the comparison to the 19 institutes that are part of the DSU (Department of Human and Social Sciences, Cultural Heritage), the results achieved by OVI confirm the positive outcome of the evaluation. In particular, in absolute terms, both the I indicator (average user rating: 0.74) and the percentage of votes “Excellent and Advanced” (88%) see the OVI ranked second in the DSU (in terms of the second parameter, among all the 102 CNR institutes, only 7 rank higher).

In addition, the parameter that measures the difference (positive or negative) between the evaluations obtained and the weight percentage of the institute as part of the whole CNR, which is the delta between the IRDF indicator (OVI percentage on CNR aggregate) and the indicator n / N (OVI percentage on total CNR production), is equal to 0.16218, which corresponds to the second position among the institutions of the DSU.