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Rules governing the downloading and use of GATTO

GATTO is a registered software and is protected by current Italian and international laws.

Any unauthorized duplication or reproduction is strictly prohibited by law. However, GATTO can be freely duplicated and used for non-profit research, with the obligation to citeGATTO in all publications that makes use of it.
Any other use of GATTO must be subject to a written agreement with the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano.
(GATTO - Copyright 08/02/99 - Registration no. 001172.)


Download and Installation

The operation of network installation allows users to obtain a copy of the software GATTO already updated to the latest available version. Please note that although GATTO enables users to build their own textual corpus, GATTO itself does not contain any corpus. Once downloaded and installed, GATTO is ready for use, but without a textual corpus already prepared the only taks that can be performed are the creation of a textual corpus, or a bibliography. In order to be able to actually experience the functionality of GATTO it is necessary to at least download and install the sample corpus DEMO, already ready for use.

To create other corpora, users must use texts available to them, or in their own possession.

Given the complexity of GATTO, it is advisable to download the instruction manual as well.

Later on, to update GATTO to a later version, there is no need to reinstall it, but simply download the update.

Installation procedures vary depending on users’ operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.)

Choose among the following:

GATTO Installation (revision 133)
Corpus sample DEMO (last modified 27.11.2002)
GATTO Instruction Manual (last modified 28.05.2012)
GATTO 3.3 - Update from previous versions

If you experience any difficulty downloading or installing GATTO, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; be ready to give details of the type and version of browser used to download GATTO.